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Tibetische Kunst der Alain-Bordier-Stiftung


Ulrich von Schroeder & Heidi von Schroeder


Diese Publikation bietet den Leserinnen und Lesern einen Einblick in die religiöse Kunst Tibets. Achtzehn Artikel beleuchten verschiedene Aspekte der Entwicklung des Buddhismus in dieser Region. Das Buch ist mit achtzehn Statuen und Gemälden aus der Alain Bordier Stiftung illustriert. 

50 Seiten mit 53 Farbabbildungen

300 x 230 mm. Taschenbuch, laminiert

Visual Dharma-Publications für die Alain Bordier Stiftung - 2009 

ISBN-10: 962-7049-11-5; ISBN-13: 978-962-7049-11-1

Erste Ausgabe

Erhältlich im Tibet Museum der Alain Bordier Stiftung

USA – Erhältlich bei Paragon Book Gallery  / 


ASIA – Erhältlich bei Paragon Asia Bangkok  / 


Für weitere Informationen siehe

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Buddhist Sculptures Alain Bordier Founda

Buddhist Sculptures of the Alain Bordier Foundation

Ulrich von Schroeder 

This books deals with the evolution of Tibetan Buddhist sculptures. Special  attention has been given to the cultures surrounding Tibet that have served as stylistic inspirations: North-Western India comprising of the Swat region, the Gilgit area, the Kashmir region; North-Eastern India; Myanmar (Burma);  the kingdom of Nepal, and China.  

64 pages with 46 colour illustrations; includes glossary, bibliography and maps

300 x 230 mm. Paperback laminated

Visual Dharma Publications for the Alain Bordier Foundation – 2010 

ISBN-10: 962-7049-14-X; ISBN-13: 978-962-7049-14-2

First Edition

Available at the Tibet Museum of the Alain Bordier Foundation

USA – Available from Paragon Book Gallery  / 


ASIA – Available from Paragon Asia Bangkok  / 

For more information see

Buddhist Art of Tibet - In Milarepa's Footstep

Etienne Bock, Jean-Marc Falcombello, Magali Jenny

Beyond the artistic aspect, this work demonstrates the symbolism and spirituality that emerge from each object and offers an interpretation of the themes from a Buddhist viewpoint. The highlight of the book is the presentation of an unpublished illuminated manuscript retracing the life of Milarepa, the great eleventh-century Tibetan yogi, whose analysis provides an excellent introduction to the great Buddhist principles.

Alain Bordier is a traveler and collector of art and Tibetan religious objects.

Etienne Bock is a tibetologist specialised in religious art and literature, and a translator for Buddhist centers.

Jean-Marc Falcombello is a Buddhist teacher, a former cultural journalist and a disciple of Lama Teunsang for four decades.

Magali Jenny holds a doctorate in religious anthropology and is the author of several publications.

288 pages with colour illustrations.

228 x 287 mm. Hardcover.

Editions Flammarion – 2022 

ISBN 9782080280947

Available at the Tibet Museum

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